22nd International AIDS Conference
Amsterdam, Netherlands | 23-27 July 2018

AIDS 2018 Digital Toolkit

This toolkit provides an overview of key AIDS 2018 communications materials for individuals and organizations interested in spreading the word about the conference.


  • The 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 23-27 July 2018. The pre-conference will take place immediately prior on 21 and 22 July.

  • The International AIDS Conference is held every two years and is the largest conference on any global health issue in the world.

  • Gathering more than 15,000 global leaders, policy makers, researchers and advocates, it is a unique forum that intersects science, advocacy and human rights.

  • The theme of AIDS 2018 is Breaking Barriers Building Bridges, drawing attention to the need of rights-based approaches to more effectively reach key populations, including in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the North-African/Middle Eastern regions where epidemics are growing.

  • AIDS 2018 aims to promote human rights based and evidence-informed HIV responses that are tailored to the needs of particularly vulnerable communities -- including people living with HIV, displaced populations, men who have sex with men, people in closed settings, people who use drugs, sex workers, transgender people, women and girls and young people -- and collaborate in fighting the disease beyond country borders.

How to get involved:

  • Follow our social media channels and the hashtag #AIDS2018.

  • Spread the word with sample social media messages below.

  • Download and share the AIDS 2018 share graphics.

  • Participate in our live social media events from the conference (to be announced and added to the digital toolkit).

  • Stay up-to-date by signing up for AIDS 2018 updates.

  • Have a pitch for a partnered AIDS 2018 digital activity like an Instagram take-over, Facebook Live interview or joint Twitter chat? Contact us directly.

Social media channels

Official hashtag:


Sample social media

We're joining over 15,000 global leaders, policy makers, researchers and advocates in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for the 22nd International @AIDS_conference. Take part in the #AIDS2018 movement and register today! www.aids2018.org
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We must make tangible steps towards greater integration between health systems for HIV and broader health areas. Join the #AIDS2018 movement. www.aids2018.org
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The International @AIDS_conference is the largest gathering on any global health issue in the world. Join me in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for #AIDS2018 www.aids2018.org
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We must address the needs of key populations and push back against stigma and violence. Join the #AIDS2018 movement www.aids2018.org
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"If we don't move forward then we are sliding back." - @LindaGailBekker. Join the #AIDS2018 movement www.aids2018.org
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Amsterdam is the stage for the 22nd International @AIDS_conference. Join the conversation with #AIDS2018 www.aids2018.org
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In regions like Eastern Europe and Central Asia, HIV infections have increased by 60% since 2010. We must address the health and human rights implications of expanding epidemics. Join the #AIDS2018 movement. www.aids2018.org
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The 2018 @AIDS_conference will be held in Amsterdam. Join us in breaking barriers and building bridges in the HIV response. #AIDS2018 aids2018.org
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Join over 15,000 global leaders, policy makers, researchers and advocates at the 2018 @AIDS_conference. www.aids2018.org #AIDS2018
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Breaking Barriers Building Bridges: No one must be left behind in the #HIV response. Take part in the @AIDS_conference and join the #AIDS2018 conversation.
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We're excited to be joining over 15,000 global leaders, policy makers, researchers, and advocates from over 160 countries at the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS2018). Visit www.aids2018.org to find out how to get involved. #AIDS2018

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Breaking Barriers Building Bridges is this year's theme of the 2018 @InternationalAIDSConference (https://www.facebook.com/InternationalAIDSConference/) in Amsterdam. No one must be left behind. Join the #AIDS2018 movement! www.aids2018.org

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Share graphics, banners and marketing materials

All share graphics, web banners and marketing materials are available for download on our AIDS 2018 Google Drive.

Download AIDS 2018 materials

Key conference dates

Key conference dates for AIDS 2018. Click the event name more information.

Brand guidelines

The AIDS 2018 branding guidelines offer guidance for communicators using the conference logos and branding in their own materials. Read the guidelines

For AIDS 2018 logo use, submit a request through the official logo request form here.

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Please contact the IAS communications team with questions or inquiries at media[at]aids2018[dot]org and direct your message to the person you wish to connect with.

  • Mandy Sugrue, Director, Communications

  • Mona Dolan, Web Specialist , Communications

  • Joe Entwistle, Associate Multimedia Officer, Communications

  • Patrick Grossmann, Digital Producer, Communications