22nd International AIDS Conference
Amsterdam, Netherlands | 23-27 July 2018

The Pharma Codex

All interactions between European pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals (HCPs) are governed by EU Directive 2001/83/EC. This directive establishes a code of conduct that regulates the relationship between industry and HCPs. In the Netherlands, the EU regulations are applied by the Dutch Foundation for the Code of Pharmaceutical Advertising. This code of conduct serves as a guide for self-regulation with regards to drug promotion and protects the general public, or non-prescribers, from unethical marketing. The code of conduct defines what is considered drug advertising and who can be exposed to drug promotion.

Conference organizers are adapting their planning in to facilitate the efforts of pharmaceutical companies to adhere to the regulations set out in the directive. For more information on how the pharma codex will be observed at AIDS 2018 and how it applies to exhibitors, speakers & chairs, pre-conference organizers, and satellite symposia hosts, click here.

For complete information, please refer to the guidelines published by the Dutch Foundation for the Code for Pharmaceutical Advertising: http://www.efpia-e4ethics.eu/usd/e4ethics.nsf/_/7C5CAA47742ACB12C125806E00444273/%24File/farma_110062.pdf